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Wreck-It Room Canada Inc.




Looking for a safe way to let off some steam? Perhaps you want a new way to work out? Or maybe you're in search of a unique experience? Wreck-It Room Canada has you covered! We provide a safe and controlled environment where you can let loose, have fun, de-stress, and wreck things. You won't even have to worry about the clean-up. Our staff will clean up the aftermath and properly recycle the glass, metal, and electronics.

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Fantastic fun. Felt weird at first to be smashing stuff but once you get into it, it's super fun. You are given a bunch of different smashing tools to choose from and a variety of items to smash.
The lady that runs the place is super nice and friendly. Would definitely recommend this place.

Samantha Gumbley

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Skip the new tie.
Give them something to really get excited about. 


Become A Wreck-It Warrior

Wreck-it and rage out your anger and daily frustrations!

Work up a sweat in the most fun way possible!

Try something new and daring today!

*By Reservation ONLY - No walk-ins available*

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