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We Are The Wreck-It Warriors

A WRECK-IT warrior doesn't hold anything back. We smash things, we curse, and most of all, we have fun! Welcome to WRECK-IT ROOM, a place where you can break sh*t without any consequences! Our rage rooms are great for those looking to destress, stay active, or have fun.

Become a WRECK-IT warrior, book a rage room session today and let it all out!

Founder of Wreck-It Room Canada
Founder & CEO - Nicole Teet 

The original Wreck-It Warrior  - Nicole is passionate about providing a unique, fun, and safe space for people to reduce stress while having fun. As a mom of four, she knows the importance of finding healthy outlets for frustration and started Wreck-It Room with that goal in mind. Her mission is to help our community have fun while improving their physical and mental health, one broken wine glass at a time.

Meet our Founder

What is a RAGE ROOM?

At Wreck-It Room, we believe that letting out your frustrations is not only healthy but also fun. Our rage rooms provide a safe and controlled environment for you to let off some steam in an experience you won't forget. The perfect activity for a solo warrior, a date night, or even a corporate team-building exercise. Wrecking things has never been more fun, so come join us for an unforgettable experience!

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How We Source & Recycle!

100% of everything wrecked is ethically sourced and recycled properly. We work with local thrift stores and accept local donations to collect our inventory. Then we collaborate with our neighbours at Smart Choice Electronic Recycling to properly recycle any of the electronics that get wrecked in our facility. Want to support fellow wreckers? We accept donations of breakables and glassware!

Safety comes first!

At Wreck-It Room Canada, we take safety very seriously. Our rage room is designed to be a safe and controlled environment, so you can let loose without any worries. We provide all the safety equipment and guidance you need to have a great time, and we're always here to help you get started. Come in and see what we're all about! If you're new to our facility don't forget to read our

Rules & Regulations before you WRECK!

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